An Ennemy of the People

Synopsis : An Enemy of the People’, based on the Norwegian playwright Ibsen, tells the story of a doctor’s discovery of a pollution scandal involving the town’s factories. He must fight the judge, his own brother, to get the truth out. Citizens will have to choose between their economic survival and public health, and the press between its freedom and the pressures of government and big business.
This show is about individual commitment and the place of a whistleblower’s voice in a democracy where the voice of the people and the voice of the press are intertwined: all angles of questioning that will resonate with audiences.

Adapted and directed by Berengere Brooks
Starring : Zaina Ba, Awa Diouf, Djibril Dansokho, Laye Mbaye, Ass Niang, Dial Thiam and Moussa Thiam
Production: Fondation H.Böll and Brrr Production
Running time: 1h30