Romeo and Juliet

‘Romeo and Juliet’

– Forum Theater –

‘Four hundred years ago, in Verona, Juliette, 14, is in love with Romeo, but must marry, against her will, Paris, an older man, whom she does not know. Will it be possible to save Juliette from a tragic end? let’s find solutions together ! ‘

Created in February 2016 with the actors from the company ‘Espoir de la Banlieue’ and produced by the British Council Senegal, this show takes the famous play of the English playwright W. Shakespeare ‘Romeo and Juliette’ into a Forum Theater in order to confront the public and , especially children and adolescents, to current issues such as forced marriage and early marriage.

Forum Theater is a form of participatory theater where spectators are invited to come on stage to take on the role of one of the actors in an attempt to find a solution to the conflict presented in the play. It is recognized as a very effective tool for social change.